UV Tanning Tips

Swanky Southern wants our clients to feel beautiful inside and out. Please read through our UV bed tanning tips below to get the most out of your time spent with us in the salon!

Before you begin your tanning program, it's important to understand how to tan the right way. The first step is understanding your skin type! 

Type 1: Very fair to light skin tones. Light color eyes and hair. Quickly and deeply burns, very hard to tan. 
Type 2: Fair to light skin tones. Light to medium color eyes and hair. Burns often, tendency to freckle.
Type 3: Light brown skin tones. Medium to dark color eyes and hair. Burns occasionally, always tans. 
Type 4: Light brown to olive skin tones. Dark color eyes and hair. Sometime burns and easily tans. 
Type 5: Dark brown skin tones. Dark color eyes and hair. Rarely burns and tans very easily. 

Other things to consider prior to tanning! 

Pre-tanning prep. A myth or best practice? We highly recommend that you take a few steps prior to your sessions to maximize your results! Having clean, hydrated, exfoliated and shaved skin will allow for maximum effectiveness. You also want to think about what you plan to wear during your session. Swanky Southern offers secured & private rooms, so you are welcome to tan at your level of comfort. Reminder to protect those areas less familiar to sun exposure. Always remove makeup (we provide complimentary wipes), your jewelry, essential oils, and heavy perfumes. Be sure you always apply a high SPF lipbalm to protect your lips from burning! We also carry this for purchase for your convenience. 

Medications & Supplements!!  Medications and supplements can sometimes cause increased UV sensitivity. Be sure to understand how your prescriptions and supplements may react so we can adjust tanning times accordingly! 

Not sure how often you should tan? The FDA's recommendation is to allow a minimum of 24 hours between tanning sessions. It's important to understand that the tanning process continues for up to 12 hours and it can take a full 72 hours for your skin to fully rest after a tanning session. Please visit us if you have any questions or need help building out a personalized tanning schedule! 

Eyewear. To wear or not to wear? Swanky Southern Boutique & Salon requires all guests to use UV Tanning Bed approved eyewear. It is required by law that protective goggles are used each and every time you tan. In the salon, we do offer some for purchase! You are also more than welcome to bring your own. Either way, to protect those beautiful eyes, please make sure you abide by this guidance and wear goggles designed for sun bed tanning!  

Lotions, Accelerators & Extenders, oh my!  Many tanners like to prep their skin prior to tanning to maximize the time spent in their UV bed sessions! Using salon grade tanning lotions, accelerators and extenders don't just protect your skin, but prime them to ensure that you are receiving the most beautiful tan possible. Extenders are formulated to help extend the life of your tan and are critical in making sure your skin is able to properly take advantage of the time spent in sessions. Swanky Southern has a wide array of all three for you to try!